Scratch Resistance

Every type of lens is able to be scratched. While it probably won’t affect the performance of the lens itself the scratches can cause irritation to the wearer from lack of clear vision. For this reason, you should always request scratch resistant lens treatments for your eyeglass lenses.

Many of today’s lens products in Northern Colorado have hard scratch-resistant protection built into the lens. This is a hard surface treatment that is specifically designed to resist scratches from everyday wear. This treatment is an added feature and is not something that comes with every lens. You will need to request this option when ordering your next pair of eyeglasses.

Here in Fort Collins, Loveland and Greeley, we put our glasses through a lot from day to day, and children have an even greater amount of opportunities for scratches to form on lenses. Having a scratch resistant lens treatment can greatly aid in minimizing the effects of everyday wear and tear we put on our eyewear.

Lens care for scratch-resistant glasses

Don’t forget, no treatment can completely protect eyeglass lenses from scratches. But you can help out! Try to keep eyeglasses in a study, protective case when not in use (and try not to just toss them into a purse or briefcase). Clean your lenses regularly with warm, soapy water and dry them with a clean, soft, lint free cloth. A small amount of care and maintenance goes an incredibly long way in prolonging the usefulness of your lenses and frames.

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