Office Updates Concerning the Coronavirus

Office Updates Concerning the Coronavirus


Governor Polis and the Opometric Association have announced all eye care may resume.   As we all work to stay safe and the COVID-19 virus curve decreases, we are abiding by CDC, local government and optometric association guidelines to do our best to preserve a clean and safe environment.

Please, call or text us when you arrive AND wait in your car:  We will call or text you when we are ready for you to enter.

We will ask you about:

Traveling: Have you been to any of these regions in Colorado (Morgan, Logan, Eagle, Gunnison, Weld, Denver, Summit, Arapahoe, Adams County) OR traveled out of state OR internationally in the past 14 days?

Health: have you had any cough, shortness of breath, or slightly elevated body temperature or loss of smell/taste in the past 14 days?

If you can answer “yes” to either question above, please do not enter the office and call us so we can answer any other questions that you might have and either bring you your item(s) out to your parked car or reschedule your appointment.  Otherwise we look forward to your upcoming visit.

You must wear a face mask to enter the office: We will do the same.

Please, only bring yourself: Please leave any company with you in the car.  If you MUST bring anyone inside, please be sure they are also wearing a face mask covering their nose and mouth and that they keep more than 6 feet from anyone else.

When you enter the office: Please wait at the greeting sign before you approach the front desk.  We will take you temperature with a touchless device to ensure it is not elevated.  If we measure an elevated temperature, we will have to ask that you wait in your car as we will bring your item(s) to you, or reschedule you.

When you enter the office please go directly to the bathroom (or another room a staff member directs you to) and wash your hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds before touching any surface.  Then please meet up with a staff member at the front desk for further instruction.

Thank you,

The Colorado Optometry Team

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