Office Updates Concerning the Coronavirus

Office Updates Concerning the Coronavirus


MARCH 19TH, 2020

The CDC has recommended to delay all routine eye care to help combat the spread of COVID-19. In our efforts to align with their goals, Colorado Optometry will be delaying routine care until further notice.

Please still reach out to us if you need of routine care as we can add you to our call back list to get you scheduled as soon as we are able. If you are in need of glasses, contact lenses, ocular supplements such as MacuHealth, medication renewal or anything else please let us know and we will find a way to take care of your needs.

As primary eye care providers our doctor and staff are still available for access to essential health care if you’re in need of prompt eye care due to new visual symptoms. While doing so, we have reduced our operating hours, but we are still available through phone or texting our office number 970 204 4020 to schedule an appointment or, if necessary, to schedule a telemedicine appointment through facetime or other means. Based on need, our hours will fluctuate daily so please reach out to us for the most recent office updates.

For patient’s entering our office for “essential” eye care, please know that in order to preserve a clean and safe environment Colorado Optometry is holding to a few guidelines:

TRAVELING: have you been to these regions in Colorado: Eagle, Summit, Pitkin, Gunnison or the Denver area, or have you traveled out of state or internationally in the past 14 days?

HEALTH: have you had any cough or slightly elevated body temperature in the past 14 days?

If you can answer “yes” to either question above, please call us so we can decide if your appointment will be over the phone or in person. Otherwise we look forward to taking care of your needs.

Also, as a precaution during your appointment, the medical association (AAO) suggests minimizing the crowds in waiting rooms. To do so, we suggest either waiting in your car in front of the office or enjoy the fresh air just outside our entrance until we’re ready for you. We can call your cell phone once we are ready.

Please reduce the number of people accompanying you to your appointment to 1 or no persons. If you have more than 1 person with you, please kindly ask them to stay in the car or enjoy some time outside our office until your appointment if completed.

Finally, please be comfortable knowing we will be following strict CDC recommended cleaning and disinfection methods and disposable gloves as needed. As an extra caution, we will direct you to wash your hands when you enter and before you exit our office.

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