Protecting Your Eyes From Glare


Glare can be visually distracting and even dangerous when there is excess of bright light, and it can happen day or night. Glare is known to cause squinting, eye fatigue, and in extreme cases, even temporary blindness.

A few quick facts about glare:

  • Here in Northern Colorado, during the day glare can occur when walking indoors to outdoors, when you moving from the shade into sunlight, or even from the reflected light off of surfaces like cars or sidewalks.
  • At night glare can come from oncoming headlights (and brights) while driving a vehicle, or from bright reflections off of wet roads and even signs.
  • Glare can cause the reduction of visual comfort and visual quality, which can diminish healthy sight at these times.

Today in Fort Collins, Loveland and Greeley,we now have anti-reflective (AR) treatments now available for many lens products to help protect your eyes from the effects of glare. AR treatments are proven to vastly minimize glare while increasing your visual comfort.

The best part is that these types of lens treatments and materials, plus others like photochromics and polarized lenses, can often be bundled into one lens for you. This means that all you would need is one pair of glasses for maximum versatility, as well as eye protection.

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