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Visit our eye center in Fort Collins, CO for all of your eye care needs.

Colorado Optometry offers a full suite of vision care services and treatments providing services ranging from a state of the art Comprehensive Eye Exam and Optomap Retinal Exam to stocking an extensive selection of eye glasses styles and contact lens options. We strive to be on the cusp of technology and innovation and work diligently to bring the latest in ocular medical treatment options.  In addition our dry eye clinic and treatment options are second to none.  We pride ourselves on being able to also provide contact lens wearers with options for complex or “hard to fit” contact lens patients, so all can enjoy the benefits of properly prescribed and fitted lenses!  Dr. Wiarda and our team makes sure to keep both himself and his eye care team updated on the most recent optometric developments, ensuring that the level of care we provide our patients is always recent and up to date.

Our Office

Our office has gone through several updates since we’ve opened in 2009.  First located in the now Foothills Fashion Mall our office was adjacent to LensCrafters.  We moved to College Ave in 2013 where we took on our new Colorado Optometry name!  Since then our office has grown and our new 4786 McMurry Ave location has allowed us to improve the service and eye care products we provide to our patients.

Your Fort Collins Optometric Team

Dr. Wiarda and the Colorado Optometric team enjoy the opportunities this beautiful state of Colorado has to offer. Everything from the countless outdoor activities to the mountain scenery and getting to enjoy Colorado’s landscape every day.  It is our goal and ambition to provide you the best possible eye care services that will allow you to see the world around us and to enjoy all that our beautiful state has to offer with the precious gift of sight.

Supporting the Community

Since 2009 our doctor has had the opportunity to provide free eye care and glasses through 10 international missions including Haiti, Honduras, Guyana, Burkina Fasso and Malasia.  More recently we have been staying close to home by providing free glasses services to several senior living facilities here in Fort Collins.  We are glad to give back to the community that supports our small business.  We are always looking for new ways to support local causes and those in need.  If you know of an unmet need that is related to vision care and eye health, please contact us and let us know about.

We look forward to continue serving our existing and new patients for all your eye care needs.  Contact your Fort Collins Eye Doctor today to schedule an appointment!

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